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TKTR Act 05 Page 15
TKTR Act 05 Page 15

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Four Kingdoms, Leraz-Zreall-Gill-Markamer, created a bond of trust and with the help of fairies of Kingdom Leraz called upon Mirror X. This gave way to a magical pathway, connecting the kingdoms together. This pathway was once lost, but found again by the youngest prince of Leraz (and his friends). They plan to find out more about Mirror X, but stumble upon "dark" secrets from the previous generation. The oldest prince, Flan, travels to kingdom Gill in order to find a cure for Tatakey, his spirit. Due to an accident, Tatakey has fallen into the fountain of Youth. Since then, he has symptoms of getting smaller and smaller. Mizz, the spirit of the youngest prince, gave Flan advice about getting the help of a medicine woman in order to return Tatakey's original form. They have been warned that the medicine woman loves her herbs and should not be angered. Unfortunately, fate seems to drag them into a more complicated situation. A man, who seeks the medicine woman for help, is furious at hearing the task he must fulfill in exchange for his medicine. He then provokes Flan's horse into trampling the precious herbs outside her house. Will she still help Flan after witnessing this!?


TKTR launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of TKTR! Comics coming soon!

posted by ayumei @ February 7th, 2009, 2:46 pm  -  0 comments

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